Jessica Britten & Warren Durling  l  Hall We Need

It is fairly common for the search for a first home to be long, disheartening and exhausting. What's not so common is for that search to end in buying a run down historic hall, yet that's exactly what happened for Jess and Warren Durling. After visiting dozens of open homes over several years, it was only out of sheer curiosity that they visited the historic hall in late 2015. Stumbling across it in their search of one bedroom places, it immediately sparked interest and the potential they saw inspired them. Before they knew it they were living in 'The Hall' as it has affectionately come to be known.


Built in 1907, The Hall has had little maintenance since, leaving it in dire need of restoration. In the years since moving in, Jess and Warren have worked tirelessly converting the old building into a dream home fit for modern living. An ambitious project for anyone, especially two renovation rookies. However, what they lack in experience they make up for in enthusiasm. Jess brings her keen-eye for timeless design and a resourceful, can-do approach and Warren brings his passion for spreadsheets and all round handyman abilities. 


In 2020, after 4 years of learning, saving and planning, (and welcoming their first child, Stevie) they undertook major structural upgrades and renovations. The results were been worth the wait.